Server IP: Currently Decommissioned
BTLA Version: 1.5

The server is running a custom version of CO-OP to emulate PVP in SEF. It’s a simple TDM-style gamemode with a score system, pitting red and blue teams against each other.

Currently available commands:

  • /a – With your handcuffs out, typing this while aimed at a stunned enemy will arrest them for bonus points.

Currently available maps:

Map rotation:

  • Food Wall Restaurant**
  • Fairfax Residence
  • A-Bomb Nightclub
  • Qwik Fuel Convenience Store**
  • Drug Lab

Votable maps*:

  • All maps from base game and expansion
  • Northside Vending**
  • Stetchkov Warehouse**
  • Yorkrock Lodge MMP
  • Snake’s Loft MMP
  • Ventura Hotel MMP
  • Vacant Office MMP
  • Mad Butcher’s Shop MMP

* Custom maps have been disabled due to many spawns being broken. The select ones have been modified to work properly and can be voted. Links on them direct in which map pack they’re located in, if you don’t have it, you can click it to download the pack.
** These have modified, more sensible spawns. All other default maps from the game and the expansion work, but are often too big/not suited for smaller groups of players, thus only maps with new spawns get a separate entry in the Votable maps list.

Current equipment bans:

HK69A1III Steel PlateStinger Pack (x2)
ARWEN 37IV Ceramic PlateFlashbang Pack (x2)
M870 Less-LethalGas Pack (x2)